Some Thoughts About What To Cook And How To Cook It

You can cook a lot of things on the grill. Plan the meal around the grill. It’ll be more fun, tastier and last but not least, fewer dishes! Potatoes, squash, onions and many other vegetables are great. Just cook ’em in foil. Corn can be cooked in the husks. Just soak them in salt water before cooking.


Chicken is great, but you’ve got to be careful. Use different utensils and platters when you prepare the chicken and when you take it off the grill. It means more dishes, but it’s a smart way to avoid bacterial problems. Use a dishwasher for all utensils so that they’re sterilized. And don’t prepare any other foods with utensils used for the chicken. Wash your hands thoroughly when you are through preparing the chicken.


Two whole chickens roasted in a foil baking pan is simple and it offers a much, much better flavor than baking it in the oven. Add sauce and serve (of course).


Here’s a chicken drummet recipe you might like: Buy four dozen drummets, a couple jars of peach preserves, and a couple bottles of Maull’s Barbecue Sauce (24 oz. size). Mix the preserves and sauce together (it might be easier if you heat them up a little first). Put the drummets in a baking dish and put the preserve/mixture over them. Let them marinate overnight. The next day, cook them nice and slow. Every time you turn them, dip them in the sauce. Make sure you have extra bottles of sauce and preserves. Don’t use the same ones you used for marinating, it will reduce the risk of bacteria.

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