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First Family of Barbecue

Maull’s Genuine Barbecue Sauce was the first of its kind in the United States. Its rich history began in St. Louis, MO over 70 years ago from Louis Maull’s original family recipe. After decades of sauce, the Maull family still creates the same recipe, with a unique blend of 20 ingredients.

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The Maull family has created a variety of flavors to suit any taste or occasion. No matter how you prefer to barbecue, Maull's sauces will add the flavor you love time and time again.

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In 1926, Louis Maull created a recipe for barbecue sauce that people liked very much. They told their friends about it and, little by little, with very little fanfare (and no advertising), the word about “Maull’s” barbecue sauce spread. As years went by, it became more and more popular, and the demand eventually increased to the point that the company had to devote itself almost exclusively to making barbecue sauce. That continues to be the case today.

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A Variety of Flavors to Suit Any Taste or Occasion!
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